Access to exclusive fire safety products at FIREX 2017

FIREX 2017 brings you fire safety products certified and approved by top industry regulators to ensure your business remains on top of your fire safety strategy. Find the following suppliers at the show: 

Quelfire Fire Containment Systems   

Quelfire are a leading UK manufacturer of fire containment systems. They will be displaying their CE Marked ranges of Fire Collars and Fire Sleeves for combustible pipes and ventilation duct where they penetrate compartment walls and floors. Have you ever seen an activated fire collar?

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TOA VX- 3000 

The issue of security is more than ever important. TOA's VX-3000 is a reliable and energy-saving voice alarm system that combines all important functions for PA/VA in one unit frame. The limited number of components makes the design and installation much easier, as well as saving space and cable complexity.

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PROSENSE "P" series detectors

PROSENSE "P" series detectors can reliably detect explosive and toxic compounds (%LEL),(PPM) gases in industrial environments and classified areas. Prosense gas detector provides universal 4-20 mA output signal to connect to Gas control panels or a suitable PLC. And with optional P-3R relay card provides three-level selectable alarm relay outputs. 

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Tanda UK Ltd

Tanda UK Ltd engages in the development, manufacturing, sales, training and installation of intelligent fire detection and control initiating systems. Our product is based on EN-54 standard and fully CE/LPCB certified. We are searching for partners in EMENA regions and look forward to seeing you at our stand F130.

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LPCB Approved Maxlogic Beam Type Smoke Detectors

LPCB Approved Maxlogic Beam Type Smoke Detectors

Maxlogic beam type smoke detectors are designed to detect the light obstruction percentage caused by the smoke through infrared beams in places that have high ceilings and wide areas.

For more information visit our G135 Stand in FIREX 2017.

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Cranford Controls' VAD range

Cranford Controls’ range of EN54 Part 23 approved VADs and sounder/VADs are fully synchronised with 32 selectable tones and an Alert/evacuation changeover facility. The VADs have a red or white flash, a choice of body colour and shallow or deep bases. The deep based variants are weatherproof to IP65

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Paroc offers better built fire protection

With its high melting point, PAROC stone wool is an ideal material for fire protection applications. It retains its properties even at temperatures as high as 1000ºC.

  • Simplified fire solutions
  • Inherent thermal and acoustics benefits
  • Easy handling and assembly
  • Melting point over 1.0000C

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Cavius Wireless Alarm

Welcome to the world of CAVIUS. Since 2004 they have inspired the World of alarms, protected homes and saved lives. The unique Danish design combined with a professional UK-based R&D team, brings you the most advanced alarms. Cavius is looking for an exclusive distributor to handle the UK market.

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