Expertise & Guidance Theatre

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Competency in Passive Fire Protection
11:10 - 11:40
Association for Specialist Fire protection [ASFP]

The  Government’s proposals for the new building safety regulatory system consider how the competence of all those who design, commission, build and manage high risk residential buildings (HRRBS) can be monitored. It recommends an overarching framework to manage and ensure competence be set up for all involved in the construction industry.

The proposals will consider the recommendations of the Competency Steering Group which was established by the Industry Response Group to define and develop relevant competency requirements. This session will consider progress to date and discuss possible routes for demonstrating competency, particularly for installers of passive fire protection.

The Importance of Fire-Resistant Glazing
11:50 - 12:20
GGF Technical Officer and Secretary
Fire Resistant Glazing Group of the Glass and Glazing Federation

A technical seminar that will demonstrate how fire-resistant glazing performs when exposed to fire and smoke. This seminar highlights the key areas of a building where fire resistant glazing should be installed and looks at the different roles in the fire-resistant glazing supply chain - and why they have equal importance. The presentation will also refer to the comprehensive GGF Fire Resistant Glazing Guide which is included in Building Regulations. Each attendee at this presentation will receive a free printed copy of the Guide (retail value of £150).

The Fire Industry after Brexit: Approvals and Compliance
12:30 - 13:00
Fire Industry Association [FIA]

The process of the UK leaving the EU is one that will without a doubt, affect us all. It will transform the processes with which the UK use to interact with the rest of the world. But how will it affect fire safety laws? What are the implications of Britain’s exit from the EU and what will it mean for the fire safety industry in the UK?

What's next for Tall Building Fire Safety
13:10 - 13:50
Tall Building Fire Safety

Synopsis coming soon

Update on the Competence Steering Group - WG2 Installers
14:00 - 14:30
General Manager
Fire Industry Association [FIA]

The Industry has formed a Competence Steering Group to develop proposals for an overarching competence body and competence framework for all trades and professions working on high rise residential buildings. Final proposals from the Group are expected by April 2019. The Government will review the industry’s proposals and consider whether legislation is necessary to underpin a new system to assure competence This presentation will look at the overall work of the Competency Steering Group and focus on the recommendation for installers.

The future for Fire Risk Assessment and Risk Management
14:40 - 15:10