Richard Colwell

Product Manager (Fire)

Richard has recently returned to BRE after a 4 year absence and is the Product Manager (Fire) within the BRE Academy with responsibility for the academy’s fire related courses.

He has worked in the Fire industry all his life. His career started at the Fire Research Station in 1983 as an assistant scientific officer where he worked as part of a group looking at the fire performance of materials in fire. He specialised in large scale fire testing, and fire calorimetry and was involved in projects looking at the fire performance of external envelopes, cabling in hidden voids to upholstered furniture and moved from research based work to commercial testing and following privatisation, started and grew the cable testing activities within BRE Global before going on to lead the offsite building envelope testing teams. He also spent time in international business development and head of the Assessment Services team.

In 2015 Richard left BRE to become Certification Manager at BASEC, a specialist cable approval body, before returning to BRE in December 2018 to take up his current position