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17 November 2020

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'Introduction to DMS'


Digital Messaging Service (DMS) is a mass notification system that can send emergency text, email, Whatsapp or voice messages to an unlimited amount of users who are subscribed to the service.  

DMS allows you to set up alerts for many scenarios and can help a wide variety of businesses. For example, in the fire industry, DMS can be used for pre-alarm notifications and evacuation alerts. For the security industry, it can be used for CCTV camera activations or access control breaches. 


Direct Acting Low Pressure (DLP) Fire Suppression Systems


Rottguard manufactures direct acting low pressure (DLP) fire suppression systems, using heat sensitive pneumatic tube, for the protection of unoccupied spaces.

DLP systems comply with PED, 97/23/EC and offer round the clock protection from the devastating consequences of fire, having been tested to LPS 1666 and internationally recognised test fires, as per NFPA, AS ISO & I.S. EN standards.

DLP systems extinguish fire automatically, when the 6mm pressurised tube, attached to the non-conductive clean agent extinguishant storage vessel burst; on exposure to flames in access of 80°C, thus releasing the gaseous suppressant, orientated in the direction of the fire; leaving no residue.

Such extinguishment of the fire at source, generally only necessitates the replacement of the individual faulty component within an enclosure; thereby minimising operating down time and repair costs.

LuxIntelligent by Advanced

The LuxIntelligent Emergency Lighting System by Advanced


The LuxIntelligent emergency lighting system by Advanced has delivered proven performance benefits to customers for over 20 years, helping them reduce running, installation and maintenance costs. LuxIntelligent is quick to install, works with almost any light and saves time and money by automating compliance and maintenance planning using a range of cloud apps. Testing is so simple that you can do it on your phone, avoiding the expense and inconvenience of site visits. Designed to work alongside LuxIntelligent, EasySafe is Advanced’s new range of addressable, ultra-low voltage emergency luminaires and exit signs that deliver ease, convenience and a host of efficiency benefits. They’re incredibly quick to fit, even by non-qualified electricians, and their LED technology offers lower running costs, CO2 emissions and greater longevity compared to fluorescent lights. 

Barbour EHS

A Simplified, All-in-one Solution


Barbour Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is an online library of two halves. Firstly, it is a single place to source information from HSE, British standards and trade associations, with a bespoke legal register designed to help you meet your legislation and compliance requirements. Within this, bookmarking tools enable you to quickly save and update your favourite documents. Secondly, it is a catalogue of tools to help you educate, train and improve the culture of your workforce.

Our holistic knowledge bank gives you a simplified, all-in-one solution, saving you time and money and keep you well-informed on your developing responsibilities and the ever-changing health & safety environment. Barbour has been helping organisations save time, reduce costs and stay safe and compliant for over 60 years, cutting through the information overload and getting straight to you what matters.

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