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FIREX Tech Talks gives you the opportunity to hear from leading suppliers about their latest developments and source new solutions for your fire safety strategies—all from the comfort of your home or office. 

The most recent edition of  Firex Tech Talks, featured Reacton, Advanced and Apollo.

Tech Talks allows you to:

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The intuitive webinar platform also features additional information, including pre-recorded videos, presentations and links to extra resources. You’ll even be able to refer to this information after the event with a recording of each demonstration.

We also run sessions focused on security, you can watch impactful demonstrations from leading suppliers, including HID GlobalTrackTikLorenz Technology, Prsym Software and Touchless Biometric Systems.


The Waking Watch Challenge

Protection of people, building and assets from a fire is a paramount concern to any organisation. Keeping a site safe is not the only priority but with the risk of physical damage and financial loss resulting from a fire, there is also the risk to operational performance and reputation, so a reliable and responsive fire system that can respond rapidly to any situation is required.

Early warning fire systems and detection technology can detect a fire, and in the case of extinguishant detection, it can also automatically release a fire suppression agent to eliminate fire within seconds. Stopping a fire within the first few moments can reduce or avoid damage to equipment and assets and subsequent loss of operational productivity.

Kentec Electronics is one of the world’s leading life safety solutions manufacturers of conventional, analogue addressable fire detection and extinguishant control panels.

Founded in 1985, Kentec is an end-to-end manufacturer, with everything sold made in the UK. It employs approximately 240 members of staff in its production facility, head office and research and development department.

In addition to design and manufacture, Kentec provides technical support specified to the local standards and customer requirements of over 90 countries worldwide. With a commitment to meeting the needs of individual national markets, Kentec has achieved a global reputation, resulting in its life safety systems being installed in numerous prestigious sites across the world.

Promat from Etex Group


Promat is the expert and worldwide reference in passive fire protection and high-performance insulation for the construction sector. They offer sustainable solutions that protect lives and assets, enhance comfort, optimise process efficiency, minimise the loss of space and energy and help reduce CO2 emissions.

In the UK Promat offers a range of solutions using high performance boards, sprays and fire stopping products, to protect structural steel, maintain compartmentation and reinstate fire performance. Promat’s products are tested to international standards, and as part of a whole system, not just as a product, to assess their interaction with other building components. 

Promatect-XW® is the new high performance fire protection board from Promat, the world’s leading passive fire protection brand, an A1 non-combustible board giving up to 60 minutes fire protection to structural steel. It is moisture resistant, fully tested and certified and this Tech Talks webinar will cover the development of the board, alongside its performance and applications. 

Promat will also take you through the installation of Promatect-XW® which has been designed to be fast and easy to install, before a building is weathertight, in order to save cost and time. Finally, you will find information on how to contact Promat for further information and technical support.

Baldwin Boxall

Formed in 1982 and based in East Sussex, Baldwin Boxall design and manufacture voice alarm, public address, disabled refuge, fire telephone and disabled toilet alarm systems. Many of the products are for life safety – providing the means to communicate to people in times of danger and leading them to safety, such as during a fire or terrorist attack. All products are designed and built in the UK and comply with current standards and regulations for life safety equipment. These products are built with longevity in mind and have been installed in many prestigious sites worldwide.

Rottguard Fire Systems Ltd

Rottguard Fire is a globally recognised manufacturer of fire suppression systems and supplier of products and services that protect people and critical assets from the dangers of fire. The direct acting low pressure (DLP) Rottguard fixed fire suppression system, is cost effective and manufactured at its facility to ISO 9001 2015, for the protection of electrical enclosures, server cabinets and fume cupboards. Rottguard DLP systems have been tested to LPCB LPS1666, for use in protecting defined spaces and by EXOVA Warrington fire on Class A, B and electrical test fires, in accordance with NFPA, AS ISO and I.S. EN standards. The system is CE marked and complies with 97/23/EC pressure equipment directive. DLP systems use HFC-227ea, a clean, non-conductive, colourless and environmentally friendly fire suppression agent, that leaves no residue and is safe for humans. It extinguishes flames primarily through heat absorption.

FIREX Tech Talks Presenters

Jo Pickard 

Jo is an experienced broadcaster, live event presenter and voice over artist.

Jo can put her hand to any subject, she has covered two Olympic and Paralympic Games, IFSEC, The Volvo Ocean Races, England Lionesses Live matches, Taste Festivals world wide, Big Feastival and Tom Kerridge's Pub in the Park, The World Cheese Awards and celebrities galore with Chris Evans at Carfest to name a few!

She can be found currently on all major TV channels as the face of Omaze and the voice of Channel 5’s 'Old Wife New Wife'.

David McClelland 

David McClelland is a journalist and broadcaster specialising in technology, telecoms and consumer affairs. Prior to working in the media, David consulted for firms including IBM and Dell in the financial services and telecoms sectors.

David is BBC Rip Off Britain’s resident technology expert, a reporter for BBC Right on the Money, a frequent face on the ITV Good Morning Britain sofa, presenter for three seasons of Challenge TV’s Planet of the Apps, and regular with shows including The One Show, Watchdog, Newsround and X-Ray.

As a journalist, David has regular bylines with national newspapers and specialist titles including Metro, Computer Weekly, Wired, CNET, TechRadar and International Business Times.

A popular event host, David moderates conferences, round tables, fireside chats and panel sessions around the world - and online from his high-definition home studio - for clients including BT, HSBC, Symantec, Kaspersky Lab, Samsung, Adobe, IBM and SAP.

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