World’s Leading Thinkers on High Rise Fire Safety coming to London Conference in May 2022

17th May 2022 will see the 7th International Tall Building/High Rise Conference come to London alongside FIREX at the Excel exhibition centre. Speakers from around the World will provide valuable insights into current best practice and Tall Building Fire Safety innovation. Delivered over 3 days, the conference will focus on fire engineering, fire risk management and firefighting in the Tall Building environment. Each day will also feature a topical and relevant debate:

Day 1 – ‘The Single Stair’ Debate
Day 2 – ‘Is Stay Put Still Valid’ Debate
Day 3 – ‘Firefighting BA procedures above the Fire’ Debate

Conference Director Russ Timpson of the Tall Building Fire Safety Network commented ‘there has been another spate of tall building façade fires recently (Italy, China) and people are questioning the status quo regarding long standing aspects of Tall Building Fire Safety. The 7th International Tall Building Conference seeks to address these questions and find solutions for all those who reside in high rise buildings’.

Several International Fire Safety Membership organisations are sending delegates to the conference, and this should provide a good basis for analysing contrasting approaches and policies. High profile VIP speakers will be delivering keynote addresses and providing insights into work underway around the World on issues such as façade testing, tall timber, evacuation of people with mobility impairment, fire risk assessment and firefighting.

Previous conferences attracted delegates from architecture, insurance, building control, construction, fire product manufacturers and firefighters. The 6th International conference in 2019 was attended by delegates from 18 countries. We hope this will be exceeded in 2022.

The full programme will be available shortly, but tickets are strictly limited and you are encouraged to book and commit early. 

Evacuation of tall buildings webinar


This thought-leadershp webinar focuses on the current guidance on the evacuation of tall buildings, including an assessment of BS 8629:2019 and what fire safety professionals and building managers/owners should know.



  • Russ Timpson, Managing Director, Crisisboardroom & Tall Buildings Fire Safety Network
  • Andy Scott, Chair of BSI FSH/12/5 Fire Alarm Devices & Director, C-TEC (Computionics) Ltd
  • Richard Clark, Senior Fire Engineer, NFCC Building Safety Programme Team
  • Gerry Dunphy, Event Director, Informa Markets

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