International Tall Building Fire Safety Conference

As the international fire industry comes to terms with the serious tall building fires that have occurred in recent times, there is a need to consider how we can improve and enhance the current processes and equipment used for tall building fire safety and firefighting.


The 7th International Tall Building Fire Safety Conference will take place on 8-10 September 2020 at ExCeL London alongside FIREX International.


  • Day 1: Construction Fire Safety ​
  • Day 2: High Rise Firefighting  ​
  • Day 3: Crisis Management in Tall Buildings ​

Construction Fire Safety

Tuesday 8th September

High Rise Firefighting

Wednesday 9th September

Crisis Management

Thursday 10th September

Construcion Fire Safety Programme

09:00 Expert panel – Question Time hosted by Russ Timpson

Panellists: Jim Senior – Safety Director MACE, Damien Gannon – Construction Safety Director Canary Wharf, Tom Gilbert – Fire Safety Lead Global Lendlease, CIREG Spokesperson (TBC)

10:50 Keynote – Raymond O’Brocki, Construction Fire Safety Coalition (US) - Role of Building and fire inspectors during Construction, US Perspective

11:30 Stewart Kidd - Managing fire safety during high rise construction

12:30 Ray Cooke, HSE Construction Division - Fire Safety in Construction

13:10 Meeting of the Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Fire Performance of Facades Committee meeting – Chair Gary Strong RICS

14:30 Andrew Furness, MD, Salvus Consulting Safety Management and Training - Pre-construction Fire Safety Planning & Design

15:00 Mark London, Partner, Devonshires – The New Fire Safety Bill and implications for building Owners

15:30 Prof Ed Galea, Greenwich Uni, Findings into research – Research findings from Fire Evacuations of high-rise construction sites

16:00 Michael Schroeder, Willis Tower, Chicago, US - High-Rise Fire & Life Safety During a Major Redevelopment Project

16:30 Tom Clapton, QBE, Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group (CIREG) - Insurance aspects of Construction Fire Safety

High Rise Firefighting Programme

09:00 Expert panel – Question Time hosted by Russ Timpson

Panellists: High Rise Lead (UK Fire Service College), Mark Fishlock (TBC), Terry Johnson (Dubai Civil Defence) (TBC), FDNY (TBC)

10:40 Keynote – GM Barry Moore, UK, Merseyside FRS, Feedback from large-scale High-Rise Fire Exercise

11:30 Mark Hardingham, CFO Suffolk FRS and Chair of the NFCC Protection committee - Update on the high rise building safety regime

12:30 Mark Reilly, Australia - Tactics for dealing with external ascending wall fires

14:30 Brent Brooks, Canada - High Rise Firefighting Nozzle Techniques

15:00 Chris Lowther, CFO Tyne and Wear FRS and Chair of NFCC Operations Committee- Update on high rise operations thinking

15:30 Michael Reick, Germany - Firefighting Smoke Control in High Rise Fires

16:30 Adam Course, UK IFE - Tactics for dealing with an electric car fire in High Rise underground car park

Crisis Management Programme

09:00 Expert panel – Question Time hosted by Russ Timpson

Panellists: Chris Phillips, Shane McMahon, Andy Baker, Adrian Moore, Steve Watts (TBC), Narinder Dio (TBC)

10:20 Security and Crisis Mindedness – Stuart Osborne QPM, Former Deputy Assistant commissioner, counter terrorist lead

10:40 Protective Security Update - UK Government Security Advisor

11:20 Crisis Command in a Tall Building – Chris Phillips and Richard Stephenson

11:50 Crisisboardroom® Toolkit – Russ Timpson

12:20 Virtual Reality Crisis Simulation – Prof. Ed Galea

14:30 Crisis Management in Tall Buildings – Be Ready – Andy Baker

15:00 Crisis Management in a High Profile High Rise – Magda Popescu, Facebook Dublin

15:30 Risks from Drones to High Rise Buildings – Patrick Rickerby, Terra Drone

16:00 Scenario Case Study: Major water release/flood within a Tall Building – Belfor UK

16:30 Practical Pandemic Planning – Shane McMahon, Horizonscan

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