2-4 December 2024 | ExCel London

Placing your safety at the heart of our events

FIREX International will be organised in accordance with Informa’s AllSecure health and safety standard. As the world’s leading events’ organiser, Informa has developed a detailed set of enhanced measures to provide the highest levels of hygiene and safety at its events, providing everyone with reassurance and confidence they are participating in a safe and controlled environment.

When you join our event, you can expect to see that health and safety is a priority, and that a range of measures are in place to ensure everyone involved is able to enjoy a safe, hygienic, productive and high-quality organised event experience. All Informa events will be run according to official government and local authority guidance in the first instance, as well as any venue or location-specific regulations. In addition, all Informa events will follow the ten Informa AllSecure priority commitments. Wherever applicable and possible, our events will also apply the fuller range of standards and guidelines described in the Informa AllSecure guidebook.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Enhanced cleaning: All Informa events will undertake enhanced, deep cleaning before, during and after our events, working with venue partners to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. This includes continuous sanitisation throughout the course of an event, with a focus on high-touch areas such as door handles, restrooms and food and beverage areas.

Personal hygiene: All Informa events will provide additional hand washing facilities and hand sanitising stations throughout the event space, encouraging all participants to regularly wash and disinfect their hands.

Physical Distancing

Non-contact registration: All Informa events will employ a system that facilitates non-contact registration for participants, including the availability of online registration.

Physical contact: All Informa events will request that participants avoid physical contact, such as handshakes and embraces, promoting alternative ways to greet business partners. The exchange of printed materials, such as business cards and sales brochures, will also be discouraged, with digital alternatives recommended.

Physical distancing: All Informa events will maintain a density of participants in line with local authority regulations and venue or other relevant guidance.

Food and beverage stations: All Informa event teams will work closely with venue partners to employ the highest standard of food safety, minimising self-service buffets in favour of pre-packaged food options. If any queuing is anticipated, social distancing will be maintained through the use of floor markings and relevant signage.

Informa AllSecure Communications

Under the Informa AllSecure standard, all Cleaning & HygienePhysical Distancing and Protect & Track measures will be supported by effective Communications to participants and all our event partners, onsite, and before and after the event, to ensure awareness and enable preparedness and confidence.


The wider range of Communication measures and guidelines detailed below will also be applied wherever applicable and possible.


Pre-Show Messaging & Exhibitor Manuals

  • Providing information on Informa AllSecure, the 10 Informa AllSecure Commitments and the specific additional standards being followed for the event before it starts, through channels including the event website, app and digital mailings
  • Updating Exhibitor Manuals, websites and other relevant resources to include any Informa AllSecure standards the event is following and what it means for how exhibitors should plan, set up and operate, with guidance and details of where to go for questions


Mobile Messaging - Website, Apps, & SMS        

  • Keeping event mobile apps and relevant websites up to date with the latest information, and ensuring effective channels are in place for delivering any urgent news (e.g. apps, email, SMS)


Enhanced Signage & Display

  • Displaying prominent signage at the event to support relevant AllSecure measures and why they are being taken, such as hygiene and distancing reminders, reminders of COVID-19 symptoms and how to access onsite support


Regular Public Address Messaging

  • Sharing relevant information and reminders through regular public address messaging and moderator or speaker remarks, including guidance on hygiene and distancing, as well as how to access onsite support