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GB United Kingdom
Stand No: FX434

Tratos is a global business developing and manufacturing the highest quality advanced cable technologies.
The company, which manufactures in the UK and Italy, is dedicated to producing cable with the highest performance and reliability alongside rigorous safety standards for industry sectors from marine, oil&gas, power and communication to road, rail, domestic homes and public buildings.

With a reputation for innovation the company is now the go-to partner for problem-solving and has a track record of designing bespoke solutions for some of the most challenging applications and environments.

Tratos' fire resistant cable serves public buildings, schools, hospitals, underground and overground railway stations, retail & leisure, hotels and offices as well as offshore vessels and hazardous environments such as Oil & Gas platforms. 

The company can supply a complete range of fire resistant cables to comply with the latest Standards and Codes of Practice covering fire detection, alarm systems, emergency lighting or other vital power supplies.  It has comprehensive cable-integrity fire testing facilities on site and, through it, produces to meet multiple nations' standards for international markets.

As the manufacturer rather than a distributor, Tratos can supply quality copper and fibre optic cables with guaranteed performance across
* Fire integrity
* Resistance to combustion
* Flame retardance
* Low flame propagation and flames spread
* Low toxicity and smoke
* Low acid gas generation
* Combined with Pliability to easy installation

Tratos supplies standard and enhanced grade cables to suit the actual installation, large or small, simple or complex in accordance with the applicable Code of Practice.