Show Me How

What fire safety concerns are keeping you up at night? Whatever they are, you’re not alone. In today’s changing world, every fire safety professional is searching for the right solutions. FIREX 2018 didn’t just give the answers – it helped show people how to use them.  Watch fire suppression systems  developer Reacton here. And look forward to much more in 2019.   

We asked hundreds of fire safety professionals what they wanted to see at FIREX. Here’s what we heard:

  • Show me how to install the kit – what does it do? How does it help?”
  • Show me the vendors I can trust.”
  • Show me the future, I’m developing strategies into 2025.”
  • Show me how my business can move into different areas, introduce me to new revenue streams.”
  • “I know what the tech is, show me what it can do.”
  • Show me the possibilities and the capabilities.”
  • Show me how to take advantage of emerging opportunities.”
Show Me How
Show Me How

Look out for Show Me How badges

Whenever you see someone wearing a Show Me How badge, it means they’re a technical expert. Speak to them to get a detailed explanation – not a sales pitch – of a product. They’ll show you how to install it, what it does and what it takes to maintain it. Gain a deeper understanding of the workings behind the latest kit and what it can do for you. 

Where: Show Me How Badges will be worn by technicians and enablers in the Sprinkler Zone and across all zones on the exhibition floor in 2019.