After Hours


ExCeL London has the world's most exciting city right on its doorstep. Steeped in history, heritage and culture, and featuring world-famous landmarks and visitor attractions, the capital of the UK is the perfect city to explore after attending FIREX International. 

Night Life

FIREX London Nightlife

When FIREX closes, it's time to explore the best that London has to offer: Find out more.

Top 10 Experiences

London attractions

With so many things to do in London, check out our tips on where to start: Find out more.

London Landmarks

London Landmarks

Take a look at London's top landmarks and how to get to them: Find out more.

Around ExCeL London

Travel Centre

Check out what's happening around the venue and how you can make the most of your time after visiting FIREX International: Find out more.

Around Canary Wharf

FIREX International

Download this handy PDF, with details of bars and restaurants around Canary Wharf.