Who's involved in Show Me How

The following companies will have dedicated technicians on hand to demonstrate the latest products and to answer all your burning questions.


Advanced - Stand No: FX610


MxPro 5

Our unbeatable multiprotocol MxPro 5 fire alarm panels are FM Approved and can be used with detectors from four leading manufacturers.  MxPro 5 can be used in a single loop, single panel format or in networks that cover huge areas and thousands of field devices. MxPro 5 panels are renowned for their ease of installation and configuration, and the wide range of peripherals make them customisable to almost any application.


TouchControl is our 10 inch touchscreen repeater which works with MxPro 5 and Axis EN fire panels and provides an easy way of monitoring a fire system via a unique interface that includes active maps and zone plans.  

Axis EN

Axis EN is our intelligent EN54-approved fire system for export markets.  The panels are FM approved and work with our industry-leading, innovative detector ranges which cover both wired and wireless options.

Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd - Stand No: FX510

Apollo Test Set

The Apollo Test Set is a portable test unit featuring a touch screen display capable of providing several functions in interrogating and controlling all devices connected to the unit, either individual devices or compete circuits of analogue addressable devices in the Apollo ranges (CoreProtocol, Discovery and XP95).

Baldwin Boxall - Stand No: FX520

Baldwin Boxall

VIGIL3 Voice Alarm

VIGIL3 voice alarm system breaks boundaries with its networking capabilities. An Ethernet backbone allows 64 simultaneous audio channels, 400 inputs and 800 outputs; VIGIL3 provides the perfect solution for both small and large scale projects. 

Eclipse5 Wall Mount Voice Alarm

Another brand new product on show will be the latest generation wall-mounted voice alarm Eclipse - the Eclipse5. Always a popular system, the Eclipse has been upgraded yet again and features the latest VIGIL3 routing and amplification to provide up to 16 audio channels. 

VIGIL3 Large Format Touch Screen

Linked to a BVRDTSM microphone the new BVRDTSMMON large form touchscreen enables graphical control of a voice alarm system without the need of a PC. Fully configurable and easy to use for stylish voice alamr control. 

CGE Risk Management Solutions - Stand No: FX210



BowTieXP is the most used risk assessment software that is based on the bowtie method. It enables you to easily create bowtie diagrams to assess risk. BowTieXP is unique in its ability to visualize complex risks in a way that is understandable, yet also allows for detailed risk-based improvement plans.

Gerda Security Products Ltd - Stand No: FX812


Apartment / Flat Entrance Doorsets

Show me how the Doorsets perform

Show me how the product  is installed correctly

Show me how the product is maintained effectively

Showing the golden thread of traceability for flat entrance & communal area fire doorsets and products to protect the built environment. Featuring high performance third party certified products & services. Meet experts in doorset specification, manufacture, installation and maintenance. 

Communal Area Doorsets

Premises Information Box Systems​

HSI Fire and Safety Group LLC - Stand No: FX204



SmokeCheck® tests both photoelectric and ionisation smoke detectors to ensure circuitry, alarm and power is functioning and they are actively sampling the air for any hint of a fire. This smoke detector tester is 100% EPA compliant and environmentally friendly.


PurCheck® tests both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors to ensure circuitry, alarm and power is functioning and they are actively sampling the air for any hint of a fire. This smoke detector tester is 100% EPA compliant and environmentally friendly.


Smokin’ Gun® revolutionized Smoke Detector Testing in 1994 and is used with PurCheck® or SmokeCheck®.

Mavili Elektronik - Stand No: FX620

Mavili Elektronik

Supervisor Management Software

Supervisor Software is developed for monitoring and control of fire alarm systems via RS-232/485, GPRS and TCP/IP protocole. Up to 1.000 fire alarm systems can be managed. Fire and fault alarms can be monitored on project schemes on Supervisor software. Operators can observe the exact device that triggers alarm and control the system from software. There is also ONVIF based IP camera integration in Supervisor software. Operators can examine the situation of the premise simultaneously and take needed actions.

Schrack Seconet - Stand No: FX717

Schrack Seconet	FX717

Integral IP

The Vienna-based company designs, manufactures and supplies fire alarm systems for all fields of use, such as industry plants, office buildings, schools and hospitals, as well as objects that need special protection like historical buildings or tunnel systems. The design of the fully redundant fire alarm system that is successfully used in high-security areas at refineries, airports and space centres has been one of the company’s most outstanding achievements. One can also benefit from our IP solutions for our fire alarm system Integral IP for notification and software programming on mobile devices. This allows secure and quick distribution of information in all directions and provides an opportunity to react promptly in case of a fire alarm from a remote distance.

Voice Evacuation

Our voice evacuation system set standards on the markets time and time again. With lasting effect and future-oriented our voice evacuation portfolio embraces apparatuses for acoustic arrangements, watch arrangements, audiosystems, as well as for voice alarm systems according to norm EN 50849, EN 54-16, resp. NEN 2575 und BS 5839.The system can be linked to Integral IP Fire Alarm Systems easily and this integration represents an optimum combination of fire detection and targeted evacuation.

With the APS generation our voice evacuation offers a smart system solution for you: Swiss precision, completely user-friendly and ideally positioned for the future. Thanks to features such as LAN networking and DSP technology, our APS technology meets your very high demands for Voice Evacuation Systems, Public Address and Background Music solutions. Made in Switzerland this brand sets standards globally. More than 1000 arrangements and systems are produced yearly and they operate for many years. Furthermore, we will introduce voice evacuation products: made in Switzerland, they allow quick and coordinated evacuation in order to protect human life and start rescue measures.


VISOCALL IP is our well-established IP communication platform for hospitals and nursing homes. The future orientated IP based system forms a foundation for integration of third party systems and is open for all communication tasks. VISOCALL IP brings together IP nurse call, intercom, TV control, IP radio, IP telephony, room control, LAN, integration of medical calls, billing, etc.using a common functional platform. IP-based network technology forms an economical, secure and extendible structure for all functions and services in the care sector. VISOCALL IP is VDE 0834–certified and hence approved for reliability and permanent system availability. ALL IN ONE, ONE FOR ALL.