Klaxon at FIREX 2019: Showcasing the EN54-23 compliant Sonos Pulse and sounder beacons

Klaxon, exhibiting alongside fellow Halma brands on FIREX’s biggest ever stand, Fire Solutions, provides a lowdown on its plans to showcase the Sonos Pulse range EN54-23-compliant beacons and sounder beacons at FIREX 2019.

Klaxon Signals are specialists in the design and manufacture of world-class signalling equipment. The UK-based company develops audible and visual signaling equipment used in fire evacuation, industrial signalling and mass notification markets around the world. Millions of people are protected and informed by Klaxon Signal’s extensive product range, which includes electronic sounders; voice enhanced sounders; sirens; beacons and wide area notification equipment.

Klaxon believe that all buildings deserve the latest fire evacuation technology. At FIREX 2019, Klaxon are demonstrating a range of EN54-23 compliant beacons and sounder beacons, which are designed to ensure that all personnel are notified of fire emergencies, including people with sensory impairments or working in sensory-depriving conditions.


Featuring Pulse Alert Technology, Klaxon’s EN54-23 compliant beacons help buildings to be evacuated quicker, make evacuation requirements clear and unambiguous, and allow personnel to feel safe and secure.


Relying on audible fire alarm notification alone disadvantages people with hearing impairments or those working, or living, in sound reducing conditions. Even something as simple as wearing a pair of headphones could prevent someone from hearing an audible fire evacuation warning. To truly evacuate everyone from a building, fire systems need to signal effectively using light as well as sound.

European fire system standards recognise and legislate for these new requirements. EN54-23 specifies the minimum performance requirements for Visual Alarm Devices (VADs), removing any previous ambiguity regarding the light output requirements or system design parameters involved with using light to evacuate buildings.


Klaxon’s Sonos Pulse beacons produce a light output that can protect most rooms with just a single device. Optical systems disperse light evenly, ensuring the most efficient distribution of light to maximise effectiveness. Klaxon’s Pulse Alert Technology provides all the benefits an EN54-23 compliant system can bring, whilst answering all of the design challenges in doing so.


Pulse Alert Technology converts power intelligently, minimising power usage and presenting a near-perfect current source to fire alarm panels. With Pulse Alert Technology, Sonos Pulse VADs require less power than previous models, while also exceeding EN54-23 light output requirements.


Featuring the latest high power LED technology, Pulse Alert Technology contains advance LED drive circuitry, further improving efficiency, light output performance and long term device reliability. Sonos Pulse LED circuits are designed to exceed 5 years continual operation, without degradation of light output.


Klaxon believe that all buildings deserve the latest fire evacuation technology, that all fire alarm systems should be able to be upgraded and that everyone deserves to feel safe and secure.


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